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365 days with you

So its time. Its been a whole year (tomorrow, yes i'm holding on to every second!) since you entered the world our dearest Teddy Heath, and boy what a year it has been. You have come so far I have to pinch myself as time just flies by. A year ago today it was my due date and I was totally in shock that you hadn't made your appearance yet. Jack was born prematurely and so I had my hospital bags packed from 34 weeks and so the fact you had kept me waiting was seriously messing with my head. I was walking everywhere, bouncing away on the birthing ball like I had been possessed, eating so much spicy food and pineapple and yet still nothing seemed to be working, you were clearly pretty content with staying in there!

On the morning of 18th October 2016 we even had our next doors little one over for a play date, but come mid morning I felt a bit funny (unfortunately not the haha type of funny!). I can remember texting Jamie and saying I thought he should come home as I had this feeling that you were going to finally make your appearance but Jamie thought I was crazy and totally ignored me. However, about an hour later my waters went (well what I was told was my waters- it was so different to me flooding the bathroom with Jack I didn't think it was my waters but that something was going horribly wrong). I rang the hospital and was advised that I should stay home until my contractions were frequent (at this point I wasn't having any). I rang Jamie straight away and luckily he got back pretty quickly as by the time he was home the contractions were coming hard and fast. Jack got picked up by my Mum and we headed off to hospital. It was strange having to be in labour on the way to hospital this time, and wow those speed bumps!

After getting to hospital and having the most incredible birth (more to come on this) you made you entrance into this world. You were perfection!

Since then you have been such an amazing addition to our family, we have all fallen totally and utterly head of heals in love with you. Your big brother loves you so much I can literally see him bursting when he is around you, he always wants to be with you, you truly are his best friend. Your grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, godparents, friends all love spending time with you. You have this super chilled vibe which is totally infectious, the cheeky grin you give and the snuggles you share just make you all the more adorable. You are an adventurer (yes we quickly realised you were going to be more of a 'handful' when you started crawling, then climbing, then pulling chairs to climb on them to get to the candle on the table, or the stairs you saw as a mountain to conquer, but wow you seem to have this knack of making me so proud that you did it).

Daddy and Me can't believe how lucky we are to call you our son. You and your brother are our whole world!

So HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, may tomorrow be everything you deserve, and may the years to come be filled with love, joy and happiness.

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