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Beauty vs motherhood

So recently I have been wanting to take some more time for myself as I do feel that being a Mummy can often mean that you tend to chuck on whatever and not even bother with the way you look most mornings because your far to preoccupied with feeding, dressing, organising, and generally keeping two children alive.

So when I was fortunate enough to be approached to try one of the latest beauty gadgets out there - well I jumped at the chance!

The BeGlow Tia is a cleansing, anti-ageing, dual pulse contouring, sonic beauty gadget that is simply taking the beauty game by storm.

How does it work? Quite simply one side cleanses using gently pulsating silicone bristles that automatically adjust to your skin whilst the other side has a titanium head that helps to reduce puffiness. Or flip the Tia around and it fits to the contour of the jaw perfectly to sculpt and define.

I have been using the Tia every evening for the past 7 days and wow the difference I have noticed has outstounded me. Before I would using my cleansing tonic in the evening to remove make up and think I had achieved this, and then I used Tia and noticed that I wasn't getting deep into my skin as when using the combination of both I suddenly found my skin was cleaner, fresher and healthier looking. I have also been using Tia to help sculpt my face, as I have carried a lot of puffiness over the past few years with the children, a combination of not enough sleep/ not drinking enough that has left my skin crying out for help. After a week of using it I feel like I have taken the last 5 years off my face! I have been receiving compliments of friends and family who have noticed the change, and I have even noticed that my pores that had flared up after having the boys are starting to settle again.

I was sent the following tips that I will pass on to you because I strongly believe this is such a game changer in the beauty industry that I would strongly recommend it!

- remove make up with favourite cleaner

- reapply cleanser, wet BeGlow head and cleanse in gentle upward strokes

- pay particular attention to areas of congestion but do not press hard with the brush, allow the sonic vibrations to do the work

-rinse pat dry

optional - place Tia in the freezer for a few minutes while applying your skincare products.

- use tia titanium head to push products into skin, soothe the skin and boost circulation

-pay extra attention to the eyes, use tia to soothe and drain away puffiness

*alternatively, use titanium head with your regular face mask to push the remaining product into the skin

- use dual pulse technology on jawline, cheekbones and chin. Hold in place for. 1-3 minutes for a hiit workout on those muscles to tone and define.

-repeat daily

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! I will be uploading a video onto my new youtube channel later on this week so you can see how I like to use it.


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