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Make time to play

Recently I came across this company called Play Horray who make lots of different play prompts to encourage us to make time for play. So I ordered one of their set of play card prompts and have to say it was one of the best decisions I have made. Since having Teddy I have have this over whelming feeling of guilt that Jack doesn't get much 1:1 time anymore but with these cards its given us a reason to make the time. Every day Jack flicks through and chooses what he would like to do, be this freezing animals in ice so he can act out 'zoo rescue', using tape to make tracks for his racing cars, hammering meringues or building dinosaur homes by going outdoors and collecting twigs, leaves, rocks and so on. Our latest though was something that was so simple and yet would never have crossed my mind! We took a trip to Tesco and picked up some Greek yoghurt and food colouring. Once we got home the boys had fun playing while I quickly got out a muffin try. I scooped greek yoghurt into four of the holders and then added red, blue, yellow and green to each of the four and mixed before popping them into the fridge. Come bath time that evening I got the boys undressed and popped the muffin tray into the bath and let them loose. Honestly watching their faces as they explored the colours and paint by smearing the bath, the walls, themselves and each other was precious. As a parent sensory play tends to mean 'mess' or something that takes so long to set up that we never get round to it,but that's why I loved this! It took seconds to set up and after they had finished I just simply showered the paint away.

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