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First aid- something that we all now a little about but how many of us are actually up to date / have ever been to a first aid course or class? It is something that we probably all say that we want to do especially when you become a parent but in the whirlwind that is children it is so easy to put it on the back burner. However, after our experience with Ted recently we wanted to swat up on first aid! Whilst attending the Milknfizz launch event we met the lovely Shavalyea who was there promoting the Mini First Aid classes. After talking to her alongside Jamie and Jamie's mum we were quickly being signed up for the next class thank's to my mother in law being able to have the boys for us.

When we arrived to the class we were both impressed by the friendly totally un-intimidating atmosphere, and how organised the whole class was. Straight away we were given our own little note books that I now refer to as my own little helper as its packed full of information and left space for us to fill in any tips / thoughts as we went through the class. Shavalyea is a Mummy too and I honestly feel this is a major bonus because she knows how you feel like you have this little life in your hands and its down to you to look after them. We started by playing a game that got us all feeling more comfortable and confident and was definitely spurred on by the bonus of reaching 'life savers' (some American sweets that she had brought along for us all).

We progressed onto how to deal with many situations- like looking to ensure that we followed DR ABC (something that you probably wouldn't even think to do if you hadn't attended a class), CPR (we even got to practice giving CPR to a dummy), choking (again we got to practice how we would deal with this), dealing with burns, cuts, what to do in a situation like a febrile seizure, how to spot the signs of meningitis and so on. I honestly couldn't believe how much we managed to fit into a 2 hour class, and it made me wish I had done it sooner. I mean a 2 hour class is perfect, even the busiest of parents/ careers/ grandparents can fit that in!

We both gained so much confidence not only during the class but came out knowing that we are now totally equipped to be the support for our children if ever they need it. The knowledge and understanding that Shavalyea had was so inspiring, and her warmth during the class made you just want to learn more. All the activities that we undertook during the class were explained in detail before we attempted anything, we were then guided through trying them for ourselves and had the help that if we were struggling Shavalyea was right there with us to explain or even show us how we could improve. Something I really appreciated because having someone watch how you have carried out it and ensure that you have fully understood it all was extremely reassuring.

I can't recommend attending one of the Mini First Aid classes enough, it honestly has left us feeling so much more prepared as Parents! The classes are only £20pp for the two hour classes, and there is also private classes available. We are also looking to book Jack in soon for his 1 hour kids class.

Thank you so much Shavalyea for giving us the most powerful tool as a parent!


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