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OOPS we did it again....

So I have to firstly apologise as I haven't been very with it, and so have failed to do a blog post in months! However I do feel I have a rather valid excuse.... I'M PREGNANT AGAIN!

This will be our third baby and in all honestly this baby was a rather large surprise... We were trying out the new app Natural cycles because I had been feeling rather down and sluggish on the pill and so wanted to trying something more natural. We were so strict and followed it so closely that when one night I was sat what sapping my friend and explained I was a couple of days late it didn't even occur to me I may be pregnant.

As I was sat chatting away to my friend she suggested that I should take a test (I mean there is no harm right?). I however was convinced I couldn't be and took the test, looked down and saw it was negative so promptly put it in the bathroom bin. The next day however I had this nagging in my head all day, my boobs had been sore, I had been extremely hormonal and felt so sick that could it possibly be that I was? So I promptly took another test, whilst waiting checked the one from the night before and wow to my surprise they both now said positive!I can remember so clearly instantly beginning to shake, I didn't know what to do. Jack was fast asleep in our room upstairs with Jamie (Jack had been really poorly - which was initially why the sickness I had been having appeared to just have been caught from him).. I can remember creeping upstairs and climbing onto the bed, waking jamie and saying he needed to come down stairs now. He gave me this look as if to say 'what the hell do you think your playing at waking me!?' but he followed me. We got into the bathroom and he looked at the two tests and was shell shocked just like me. Now by this point I am stood there shaking so much I might as well have been used to make martinis! Jamies response however was one I will never forget, ' well I guess your pregnant, we can talk tomorrow but I need to get some sleep now'. HOW! How could he be so calm and go back to bed?

Anyway I am now 20 weeks in and have suffered with sickness every day so far with no sign of it letting up. I think our heads are round the shock and are simply super excited now, especially since we found out that we are having a little girl. Jack literally was convinced it was a girl and that was all he wanted to have a little sister so you imagine the worry that if it was another boy he would find that hard to adjust to, but thankfully for us it all worked out beautifully! I mean it honestly is like she was meant to be even having Valentine's day as her due date.

I am determined to get back into my blogging and hopefully get the youtube channel properly up and running within this next month so I can share with you all what its actually like being pregnant, especially when I already have a 4 year old and nearly 2 year old, as I feel there isn't enough honesty out there and so can leave you feeling quite alone and isolated. If there is ever anything you want to know, or just want someone to talk to I will always do my best to help in anyway possible so please do drop me an email or message me through instagram.

For now though I am now going to run round and sort the washing before Ted wakes from his nap!


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