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Our weekend away... without the boys!

We have just got back from a night away just the two of us. We haven't been away just Jamie and me since having the boys, so it was a eagerly awaited weekend! We had spent many a evening trawling the internet trying to find somewhere that was special, which seemed so much harder than we would of thought. Jamie came across this Boutique hotel in Clerkenwell called The Rookery and he was sold when he saw the four poster bed. It was totally opposite to what we would normally look for in somewhere to stay (I say normally but in all honestly it has been years!).

So Saturday morning came and after having counted down like a big kid at Christmas ( two sleeps, one sleep, eeeeee its today!). All of a sudden I was faced with this overwhelming feeling of wanting this weekend to be special because in all honestly our marriage has been hard since having Teddy. Everything changes when you have a baby but when you have had two its even harder, ours had turned on its head and was more like a tag team trying to keep our heads above water. This meant we had been left with very little time for romantic moments. As per usual I got on with the packing whilst juggling the boys (all three of them), and trying to get myself ready. We dropped the boys to my parents who were super excited to have them, and in all honesty put my mind at ease, seeing the love they have for our boys is just heart warming.

Off we went, acting like a couple of love struck teenagers (only with heavy eye bags a

nd grey hair), holding hands all the way to London whilst eagerly talking about what we could get up to when we got there. All the bars, restaurants, eye sights etc that we could explore without kids in tow.

Arriving at our hotel was like stepping into another world. A world where we were being taken care of, where we could relax, where we could just be a couple in love. The room was breathtaking, the four poster bed, the vintage art work, classic tub bath, every small little touch had been put together beautifully and the complimentary champagne brought up to us made it.

A day of shopping, eating, walking around and generally being tourists helped us to keep our minds (well definitely my mind off) how much we missed the boys. Jamie had planned a super special evening for us, and so I made the most of not having a mum bun, no make up and food covered clothes and dolled myself up. Heels, make up, hair down, a hand bag - the lot! We arrived at the most amazing restaurant set within the Rosewood Hotel, The Holborn Dinning Room is truly one of a kind. Just sitting and ordering cocktails got us excited but the food that was served and the added touch of the surprise treats at the end just showed off how delightful the evening had been.

We had planned to follow dinner with various bars, cocktails, maybe even a cheeky bottle of red but ended up back at the hotel and in bed by 9, and I was asleep within minutes of getting into bed. In all honesty my body shut down, I was off duty for the first time in years and I don't think I have ever slept so well. We even managed to be jammy enough that our night away landed on the clocks going back so we would get an extra hour in bed, only I was up at 6 am whilst Jamie lay next to me snoring his head off. To me 9 hours sleep had left me feeling like I had slept for weeks, I felt so unbelievably relaxed I could almost feel my eye bags and wrinkles being tamed.

This morning we arranged to meet with our friends who also just happened to be in London on a children free weekend celebrating their birthdays. We went for brunch and enjoyed being able to freely talk without little ones interrupting that they needed a wee, or that we needed to play cars, although it didn't take long before we were talking about our babies. Being a parent really does mean that our babies are our lives and even when we aren't with them they will always be our main topic of conversation, even if it is sharing stories about dealing with them doing a poo in the bath!This weekend was something we both definitely needed, we needed to be able to just be with each other and be Jamie and Millie. On the train journey home Jamie was already researching our next weekend away. I think what I have taken away from this weekend is that we need to put ourselves first too at times, our marriage shouldn't always be on the back burner, we love each other too much to let that break us. So here is to the next weekend away!

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