Pumpkin Play

October 15, 2017

So recently I have been on the hunt for various activities to do with the boys for them to engage with their senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. I have felt that after having two its been much harder to find the time for development through play. My days off were being taken up by washing, cleaning, chasing the boys and so on rather than making time to play. Making sure that I am there for them as their Mummy should be my priority but it left me struggling with the balance of this enormous responsibility to engage with them through play and keeping the house fairly straight (i'm not talking immaculate i'm talking about it not looking like a bomb has gone off!). 

Ever since I have made this change I have noticed a massive change in the boys behavior. Jack is loving the various activities, he loves the fact they are simple and he can often help to set them up so he feels a part of it all. He is listening better, engaging with his brother in a much kinder way, learning about new textures, how things work etc. 

Our latest project was turning a pumpkin into a chalkboard so the boys could decorate it with chalk pencils. 

The boys came with me to the supermarket (Tesco are doing two for £3) and chose which pumpkin they wanted then we went to Wilksons and purchased their spray chalk paint (£7.50) and a couple of packs of chalk pencils (£0.75 per pack that come in white or mixed colours).

Once we got home and the boys were happy playing I nipped outside to spray the pumpkin so it would be ready for them in the morning. 

I was amazed at the effect it created, and couldn't wait for the boys to explore making their own marks. It was safe to say the boys absolutely loved this activity! They spent ages using the various chalks to create patterns and pictures on the pumpkin, furthering their touch and movement senses. 

I would highly recommend this as a great activity (Ok it took a while for the chalk paint to dry but it was extremely simple to set up and can be used over and over as the pumpkin simply wiped clean). 





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