February 16, 2018

 Recently we went through possibly one of the most horrific experiences of our parenting lives, and although we had briefly both had a little first aid training nothing prepared us for what happened, something upon reflection I seriously regret.


A month ago Teddy suffered a Fibril Convulsion, for those who don't know what this (like we didn't), ''a febrile convulsion is a fit or seizure caused by a fever. They are caused by a sudden change in your child's body temperature and are usually associated with a fever (a temperature above 38°C). A high temperature is a sign of infection somewhere in the body and is often caused by a virus or bacteria.'' At the time we had no idea what was happening Teddy just suddenly dropped to the floor totally limp, his jaw had locked and yet there was severe excess saliva coming out, and he was rapidly turning blue whilst going in and out of consciousness. Having never heard of a Fibril convulsion we took it that he must of got something stuck in his throat and was struggling to breathe because of that, so Jamie promptly rang 999 and we were talked through what to do, however this was what to do if your child is choking, which as time developed we could see he wasn't but we didn't know what else it could be. All we could see was our beautiful baby blue turning blue and struggling to stay with us. We thought the worse, and to make matters 100 times worse Jack was sat watching on to the whole thing.


Thankfully after the longest 16 minutes of our lives the ambulance crew arrived and took over explaining what had happened. That the sudden spike in his temperature had made his body shut down in an attempt to cool down. They were so unbelievably amazing at not only dealing with Teddy but keeping Jamie and me calm and even engaging with Jack. After a ride in the ambulance and being kept in for a few hours to ensure Teddy was ok we were discharged and came home with our baby who had bounced back as if nothing happened! Yes he was exhausted but he was still happy and trying to run around causing mayhem.


The Doctor had explained to us that these are actually really common and that despite the fact he had had one it doesn't mean he will ever have another, but it does of course increase the chances. We also discovered that these convulsions are hereditary and that Jamie's father had them frequently when he was younger and that even I had had one on the eve of my first birthday!


The following morning it hit Jamie and myself what had happened, we were so scared at the thought it may happen again that we went straight out to Mamas & Papas the next morning to invest in a video camera.


For the first week we watched over him like a hawk, but have now relaxed and come to the conclusion it is so unlikely it will happen again but at least this time we now know what to do. We recently went to a first aid class to learn more about it, and also to get up to date with the first aid basics that I honestly feel every parent should know, like how to do CPR, how to deal with cuts, bumps and breaks, choking, burns, and of course febrile seizures and meningitis awareness. I will shortly be posting another blog about our experience at the first aid class along with more information on how to book. Honestly it is the best thing you can do, to be taught how to deal with an emergency that could save your child!





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