Motherhood vs Business

When my maternity leave finished and the husband and I decided I would stay at home with Teddy (my mini bean) that was fine with me - I knew financially it made sense, and Teddy would receive the care and attention we both wanted him to get HOORAH


A few months into my now ‘new job’ of being mum (which by the way I am loving), me and Ted had our day’s planned with park visits, swimming lessons, baby sensory and everything in between, it was fun. As time went on though I found myself feeling a little lost, I’ll admit I missed work, I missed my work brain, routine, meetings, and my to-do list (I loved my to-do list) it all felt a little strange, how could I be missing work - I’d tell friends and family and they would scoff and tell me how lucky I was, and I knew I was in a fortunate position but jeese I missed having that ambition I used to have at work. 


"Get out your FUNK and GET ON WITH IT"


I thought to myself why should motherhood stop me from having ambitions, dreams, and a successful career, why should it hinder me from wanting to succeed? well, I’m telling you it blummin well shouldn’t! 

Since having this revelation I along with my husband Stuart have spent the last 6 months developing and launching a subscription service called The YAY Makers a box filled with handmade products from independent makers, creators, illustrators, designers and positive people, our products are based on happiness, well-being and creativity 3 areas which we feel are important to having a happy rounded life. 


"Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals, Hard work never stops. Neither should your dreams”

 - Dwayne Johnson (Oh yes I just dropped a Rock quote). 


The biggest challenge I have faced with following my passion is time management (there are never enough hours in the day) starting something new like a business needs good time management. I knew from the start that whatever I was going to create should not affect my time and relationship with Teddy, I made a pact with myself that I wasn’t going to be on my phone 24/7 checking and sending emails, posting on Instagram or making calls (that was never going to work). Which is why when Teddy goes to bed that’s when my ‘working’ day begins I work from 7pm-11:30(ish) on a good day and create my To Do list for the following day before I head to bed (HOORAY I have my To Do list back in my life). 


So 6 months in, The YAY Makers has launched we have subscribers signing up every day, I am creating, and full of ambition, and how do I feel….BLOODY AMAZING, I’m happier, I feel driven and most of all I feel like I am a better mum. Juggling a new business with a baby is hard work, I knew it would be but being able to work evening hours has been great, so much so that I’ve now increased my hours to an early am start which gives me a few hours extra to cram in email replies, posts, and blogs (just like this one). 


If I could give anyone any advice on starting a new business as a new mum or even if you have a family that isn’t so young and you want to follow a dream or pursue an ambition DO IT! it’s that simple if you really want to do it, you can, believe in yourself make time and you will see an instant change. 




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