When I first fell, pregnant I had these elaborate plans about outings I would do with my sleeping baby wrapped in a sling. Lovely lunches with friends, wandering round museums and mooching round art galleries when everyone else is in work. 

This planning changed as soon as we went for our first scan. The sonographer didn’t prepare us at all. The first we knew we were having twins was when she announces, ‘Here is head one and here is head two’. I started uncontrollably laughing/ crying/ repeating ‘oh fuck’. We walked out of the scan completely shell shocked. Mr Guidebook turned to me when we got the car park and asked what I wanted to do, post scan, I turned to him and said, “I want a bottle of wine and a fag but I can’t do that so let’s go to see my mum”.

Following this I spent 3 days crying. I had just finished reading a book about the Krays and I was convinced the twins were going to gang up on us and we wouldn’t cope. 

My pregnancy was fairly standard for twins. Until 30 weeks, at which point I was spending at least every other day in hospital. The last 6 weeks (the twins were born at 36 +1) were tough going as I was a pretty grumpy patient. Gilmore girls and a steady stream of ice lollies were all that got me through. 

The twins spent 2 weeks in NICU which was incredibly difficult. Cue lots and lots of crying. However, I know I was really lucky to only have them stay for 2 weeks. When we finally got home the prospect of going out with my tiny little babies scared me. I was mainly worried that they would both want feeding at the same time, I wasn’t prepared to have everyone see the ‘Breastaurant’. (Mr Guidebook kindly started to call it this when I was feeding the twins. I know I’m a lucky lady!)

Fast forwarded to when the twins were 12 weeks old. I was ready to leave the house as I was getting cabin fever. I was coping with breastfeeding, I could do the double lift and my feet were no longer of hippo proportions meaning I could wearing actual shoes. However, I didn’t know what things were going on. I ranted at Mr Guidebook that there must be an easy way to find out this information rather than having to scour Mum’s groups on Facebook.

My next rant came after a visit to a pub for Sunday lunch with friends. Mr Guidebook was on super dad duty so I could enjoy my lunch (and glass of wine) in peace. A double poo explosion occurred so he went off in search of the baby changing with one of the twins. He came back looking flustered about 5 minutes later. “They don’t have baby changing that men can use. You are going to have to do this one… Sorry”. The lack of baby changing or unsuitable facilities has become a massive bugbear of mine, one time we had to use our coats, on a piss covered floor, to make a makeshift changing area as the concrete floor didn’t look very forgiving. 

The final rant (not of Mr Guidebook’s life I may add) was about knowing where to go with the twins when they stopped being buggy potatoes. Soft play centres don’t seem to have massive signs and I just didn’t know what outings work with little ones. Again, I turned to the mum’s groups but trawling through all the information when I had two toddlers wasn’t that easy.

I couldn’t believe there was no easy way of finding out family friendly places to go and eat. 

Mr Guidebook was getting fed up of my stressing every time we went out to meet friends. He said to me why don’t you set up a website so mums and dads can share this information with each other. It took a lot of prodding and nudging but I eventually did it. It is hard to juggle being a mum, building a website and trying to get time for me. I must say I’m not very good at the juggling. Other insta mums have me in complete awe.

The REALITY (see what I did there, a guest blog post for Reality Mumma) of life with twins is that is can be hard at times, they do gang up on us and I wish they would sleep more BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world. I realise now that I am just really bloody lucky to have had two healthy babies arrive at the same time. 







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