April 27, 2018

So I have to start off by saying that I think this is the hardest thing thats happened to me having kids. I gained five stone when I was pregnant with Jack and looking back at the now I am shocked that this wasn't addressed at the time. However, Jack was born premature and weighed in at a very healthy 7lb1 when he was born so I guess in reflection that was something good to come from it all. 

However, because I gained so much weight so quickly it meant that I have been left with severe stretch marks, and a lot of weight that I have found very hard to shift. I managed to loose three stone before having Teddy but then gained more weight through being pregnant with Ted. Thankfully this time I was so aware of the weight gain I was a lot more cautious - don't get me wrong I still ate like any pregnant women- I mean come on we are growing a human we are allowed the extra cupcake! But this time I experienced severe morning sickness and so was put off a lot of the fatty foods favouring fresh fruit. I literally couldn't get enough of nectarines!

I am now 18 months post pregnancy and still have a long way to go.

I look at some of the Mums at school and I envy their figures, them being able to get their legs out, how they have seemingly snapped back into shape etc. But then I look at my two boys and have to be thankful for the fact I have had two healthy children who couldn't care less about the excess skin, stretch marks, wrinkles, extra weight etc! The boys just look at me and see their Mummy so why can't I look in the mirror and stand there and be thankful for my body, for this amazing opportunity I have had to grow our children. 

I am on a mission to push myself, my confidence, my body, my mind so that I look in the mirror every morning and point out the positives instead of the negatives.

To be thankful for every stretch mark, looking at them as a time the boys kicked inside me.

To look at the wrinkles and see them as smile lines, from the times my boys have giggled with me at something silly. 

To see a mummy who will put the music on loud and have a dance off with the boys in the living room, showing them all my truly awesome moves.

I will always put them first. 

I will always want to act crazy in an attempt to make them laugh.

I will drag my tired body out of bed and comfort them at all hours.

I will be there for them when they come out of school running into my open arms. 

I will comfort them when they have had a hard day, or fallen off their bike. 

I am their MUMMY. 

To them I am everything. 

They don't care how we compare our selves to other mums, because to them I the best mummy in the world, and that is everything to me.




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